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2011-09-06: Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel visiting Frankfurt

2011-09-05: Tel Aviv’s Mayor Huldai visiting 2nd German Israel Congress

2011-08-21: Israel Congress in difficult times

2011-08-15: Dudu Fisher – a world star visiting Frankfurt

PRESS RELEASE of 6th September 2011:


2nd German Israel Congress:


Danny Ayalon - Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel - also well known internationally by the clip „The Truth about the West Bank“ (photo ©

Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel visiting Frankfurt

Never has there been more Israel at the river Main: By Dany Ayalon, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, accepting an invitation to speak at Frankfurt Congress Centre on 23rd October, this year’s Israel Congress is getting an international political explosive topicality. One month after the expected recognition of Palestine by the UN and during a process of change in the Arabian world, it will have to be Israel’s foreign policy in particular to establish peace in the region. This alone is reason enough to attach great importance to the appearance of Ayalon in Frankfurt.

Six weeks before the biggest pro-Israel congress in Europe, the interest of politicians, exhibitors, visitors and other participants is picking up speed. Apart from the deputy foreign minister, organisers are reporting interesting participants, such as Dr Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in German, DFB president Theo Zwanziger, tenor Dudu Fisher, Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv, and of course Israel’s ambassador to Germany Yoram Ben Zeev. Moreover, members of the EU and of the German parliaments as well as of the national parliament in Rome, participants from the US and Africa have announced their attendance.

About 3,000 visitors are expectedto attend in Frankfurt – 120 charitable organisations and companies have announced their presence as supporters or exhibitors. Women’s International Zionist Organisation WIZO will be present as well as the organisation “Christen an der Seite Israels”, Israeli travel agents and wine importers, arts and crafts. The biggest individual sponsor so far is Sixt Car Hire Company. Events, such as an “Economic Summit” of the Jewish National Fund and Leumi Bank will draw the attention of visitors as well as the musical interludes of Roman Kuperschmidt or the closing concert of star guest Dudu Fisher. The young guests can look forward to a game and adventure centre. Kosher Israeli cuisine will ensure physical well-being.

Sacha Stawski, chairman of the organisation association “I Like Israel e.V.”, is highly satisfied with the prominent attendance from Jerusalem. It shows “that our work is valued and that the German public is considered an important partner of Israel”.

ue to high safety measures, registration has to be made in writing at

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PRESS RELEASE of 5th September 2011:


Biggest Pro-Israel Event in Europe:

Tel Aviv is the partner city of Frankfurt. We feel honored, to welcome Mayor Huldai in Frankfurt. (© Ron Huldai).

Tel Aviv’s Mayor Huldai visiting 2nd German Israel Congress

Also expected: Dany Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister  


Frankfurt, 5th September. The partnership between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv will play a special role during the 2nd German Israel Congress, which will be organised in Frankfurt on 23rd October. Only recently, the mayor of the Israeli metropolis, Ron Huldai, has announced his attendance. In the name of the partner city, he will address the expected 3,000 participants of the Israel Congress. The highest ranking participant at the moment is the Deputy Foreign Minister of the State of Israel Dany Ayalon.

The Congress, the largest pro-Israel event in Europe, which will be organised in Frankfurt for the second time already, promises to become an extravaganza in the German-Israeli relationship. Numerous politicians from Israel and Germany, from the EU, but also from countries, such as Italy and the US, have announced their participation in the political programme.

Apart from speeches and panel discussions, the event will also offer a "market" - an exhibition of about 150 charitable and commercial organisations which offer Israeli wine as well as arts and crafts, books, Israeli travels or information on their activities. The culinary offer includes Falafel and Humus, and is kosher, of course.

Frankfurt plays an important role in the large event not only as location of the 2nd German Israel Congress organised at the fair grounds in the Congress Centre. The urban society is involved in many different ways: The Congress will be opened by Frankfurt’s treasurer Uwe Becker, a joint inter-religious start will be celebrated by Frankfurt’s rabbi Klein, provost Scherle and city dean Dr zu Elz. The Minister of the Interior Boris Rhein will hold a speech for the Federal State of Hesse.

The German-Israeli Society of Frankfurt, whose chairwoman Claudia Korenke is a co-organiser of the Congress, will setup an exhibition on 23rd October.

And not least, it is a Frankfurt association, i.e. the organisation “ILI – I Like Israel e.V.” that hosts this Congress. “I am very pleased that Mayor Huldai has decided to come to the Main. This does not only underline the significance of the Congress, but also the friendship between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv which has developed over decades”, said the chairman of ILI Sacha Stawski.

The 2nd German Israel Congress will be organised on 23rd October between 12 am and 9 pm in the Congress Centre at the fairgrounds. The final concert will be given by star guest Dudu Fisher. Children can look forward to a game and fun centre. The previous day’s programme will offer guided tours through the Jewish parts of Frankfurt and the Bibelhaus Erlebnismuseum as well as co-ordinating meeting of Israel activists. An Israeli DJ will put on records in the evening.

For security reasons, attendance has to be registered via the Internet at

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Claudia Korenke
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PRESS RELEASE of 21th August 2011:

Israel Congress in difficult times:


Especially developped for the Israel congress: The glimmering tatoo pattern for smaller and bigger kids shows the congress-logo.  It deals with an Israeli invention by the Company „y-body“ - used in Germany from „Little Star Events“ (© Israel Kongress).

Solidarity, Shopping and Games

German friends of Israel are not deterred by terror

Frankfurt am Main, 21st August - „Parents, bring along your children” – this is one of the requests of the visitors to the 2nd German Israel Congress organised in Frankfurt am Main on 23rd October. The high-calibre national meeting of more than 3,000 friends of Israel, in essence a political solidarity event, is also a market for information and goods from Israel. But, the Congress is also a party – not only for children. In view of the disquieting developments to the south of Israel, “joy and sorrow lie together closely, as so often when dealing with Israel”, says Congress organiser Sacha Stawski.

The tense situation at the Israeli-Egyptian border as well as the expected recognition of Palestine by the UN and the axis of terror between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas will preoccupy the participants of the Congress. “Despite all problems, we will present the attractiveness, the versatility and optimism of the Jewish state primarily”, says Sache Stawski, the chairman of the association “ILI – I Like Israel e.V.”.

More than a hundred supporters and exhibitors will offer culinary delights from Israel, wines from the Negev and Golan, arts and crafts of the Bedouins, cosmetics from the Dead Sea, Israeli literature, travels to the country of the Bible and medical treatments on the Dead Sea.
And what can children do ? Offers include a bath in small balls and tellers of fairytales, a small athletic “Makkabiade” and in particular: the popular original Israeli glitter tattoos … Older children can participate in the numerous activities of the young people of the Jewish community of Frankfurt. By the way: children and young people up to 14 years are exempted from the admission fee.

„Friends of Israel in Germany do not have their daily routines spoilt by terrorists either”, says Sacha Stawski, “and even less so during their parties”. All information on the children’s programme, exhibition possibilities, hotel accommodation and offers of Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa are available on the Internet at The stage events and the previous day offers are listed there as well. For safety reasons, registration is required through the website.

In case of any queries, please get in touch with:

Claudia Korenke
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of 15th August 2011:


2nd German Israel Congress:


Dudu Fisher - a world star not only in Israel (Photo: ©

Dudu Fisher – a world star visiting Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 15th AugustAt one time Dudu Fisher was a cantor, and later became the star of the Israeli version of „Les Miserables“ and today he is a world-famous interpreter of Hasidic, Yiddish and Israeli songs. During the 2nd German Israel Congress, Dudu Fisher will offer the expected 3,000 visitors and representative of over a hundred organisations from Germany and Israel a spectacular musical pleasure.

Dudu Fisher is the highlight and conclusion of the 2nd German Israel Congress held in Frankfurt Congress Centre on 23rd October. The Congress is considered the biggest pro-Israel event on European soil.

Three thousand people from all over Germany as well as guests from Israel and delegations from the US and Africa will meet at the end of October to demonstrate their solidarity with the Jewish State of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East with a political programme and an exhibition.

The event under the motto of “Peace ensured by Security – Security ensured by Peace” offers a programme in the Congress Centre at Frankfurt Messe with contributions of politicians from various countries and panel discussions on Israeli security and subjects, such as solidarity with Israel, anti-Semitism and Iran. The programme will start at 12 am and will end with the concert given by Dudu Fisher. The “special ambassador” of Israel Melody Sucharewicz will be the host.

More than a hundred organisations will set up the “market” of the 2nd German Israel Congress – charitable associations, such as the Jewish sports club Makkabi or the “Christian Friends of Israel” – but also commercial companies. The visitors to the Congress can look forward to Israeli wines, cosmetics from the Dead Sea or Israeli arts and crafts.
On the day before, i.e. 22nd October, Congress visitors are offered guided tours through Frankfurt concentrating on Jewish or Christian aspects. The “Bibelhaus Erlebnismuseum” will display exhibits of the Israeli antiques authority, and in the evening an Israeli DJ will put on records.

The Congress is organised under the patronage of Dr Dieter Graumann, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and of H.E. Yoram Ben-Zeev, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Germany who has extended his term of office for this Congress especially. For the hosting city of Frankfurt, its treasurer Uwe Becker will welcome the participants; and the Interior Minister of the Federal State of Hesse Boris Rhein will address the visitors as well. After an inter-religious opening by Rabbi Menachem Klein, Provost Gabriele Scherle and City Dean Dr zu Elz, politics will have the say.

The Congress is open to all interested parties; the participation fee is 15 Euro. For safety reasons, registration for the Congress is required through the website

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Claudia Korenke
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