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Advisory board


Prof. Gert Weisskirchen, MdB a.D.

Former foreign policy spokesperson of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Parliamentary Group and personal representative of the OSCE-chairman responsible for fighting antisemitism

“Israel needs every person of good will on its side. The German Israel Congress will gather them together again.”


Philipp Mißfelder, MdB

Federal chairman of the “Junge Union” (Christian Democratic Party's youth movement) and foreign-policy speaker of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group

“Germany has a unique relationship to Israel. On this basis, Israel can count on Germany to defend the peace and security of its citizens. We want to help intensify the multifaceted forms of cooperation in the areas of economy, culture and politics. Promotion of youth exchanges is an area of particular interest to me, as a way to deepen mutual understanding.“

Regine Sixt

Senior Executive Vice President Sixt International
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Germany
Hadassah Citizen of the World Award

“Israel and Germany are and will remain inseparably connected to each other. This, however, is not only due to the terrible past, but rather due to a very promising future. It is the people who have continually given me hope on this. Whether within a humanitarian, cultural, economic or political context, every single encounter I have had in Israel has been both obligatory as well as a pleasurable experience. It encourages me to stay involved - with my entire heart and strength - in such a promising and wonderful future.”

Prof. Irwin Cotler

Member of the Canadian parliament (Liberal Party CA), former justice minister and prosecutor general of Canada

Prof. Dr. Drs. h.c. Helmut Schwarz

President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, recipient of the civil-merit-medal first class (2012) and honorary doctorates from The Hebrew University, Technion and Weizmann Institute

“I’ve visited Israel more than 100 times since 1977. I am regularly asked by colleagues ‘why such an involvement?’ I do not owe it solely to German-Israeli history. It’s more the fascinating research landscape and a people ablaze with a yearning for more scientific knowledge (“learn, learn more and learn even more”) that has drawn me and enriched me with almost every trip. We in Germany would be well advised to expand the already existing scientific relationship with this research giant as well as to establish new ones – ones that benefit us mutually.“

Oliver Berben

Award winning German film producer, managing director of Constantin Film Produktion GmbH

“'We must be the change we wish to see in the world', Mahatma Gandhi. The initiatives of the German Israel Congress, increases my confidence in the thriving intimate relationship, the mutual respect and growing understanding between Israel and Germany.“

Tom Gross

Renowned international journalist and author, former Jerusalem correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph and New York Daily News, leading commentator of near-east and human rights themes

“On the one hand, the world is becoming increasingly networked. At the same time, this net is becoming increasingly uncertain. This makes it all the more important for Israel and Europe to make efforts at stabilizing their relations. For Israel, Germany is the key to Europe, while for Germany Israel is the key to the Middle East.”